2013 NYE List

2013 NYE LIST (Sort of my take on New Year’s Resolutions)

  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Get a piercing
  3. Go on a “family” vacation (out of town with the kids)
  4. Go on a “me” vacation (2+ nights away without the kids)
  5. Hit one year anniversary
  6. Be healthier
  7. Become REAL full time at work
  8. Get my own place
  9. Sell my guitar
  10. Make at least one “frivolous” purchase for me
  11. Get on a routine
  12. Be on time
  13. Go on a “romantic” roadtrip
  14. See JJ Heller in concert [again]<3
  15. Complete my apprenticeship classes
  16. Make some new friends
  17. Write a love letter
  18. Complete a summer reading list
  19. Go bowling
  20. Go bowling with friends
  21. Talk to a stranger
  22. Become a church member
  23. Become a group member (mom? couponing? photography?)
  24. Take more pictures
  25. Worry less
  26. Laugh until I cry
  27. Hang out at a friend’s house
  28. Learn about football
  29. Play a video game (a real one…)
  30. Get more organized
  31. Start couponing
  32. Apologize
  33. Complete a small sewing project
  34. Complete a large sewing project
  35. Complete a small craft
  36. Complete a large craft
  37. Make a crazy good find at a thrift store
  38. Eat sushi
  39. Write some poetry
  40. Clean the house and keep it clean
  41. Finish reading ‘Atlas Shrugged’
  42. Yoga
  43. Get a record player
  44. Wear hats
  45. Grow stuff (like vegetables or herbs or something edible)
  46. Buy more plaid shirts
  47. Paint a picture
  48. Learn a new skill
  49. Eat at Qdoba
  50. Declutter (and stay that way!!)